About Evelux

The Evelux story started back in 1988 by the Yukselen family manufacturing plastic metal molds. By 2000, they had moved into the production of traffic safety equipment using the advantage and experience gained from the molding business. This lead to the birth of Evelux Traffic Safety Systems in 2010 and now Evelux products are exported to 54 countries around the world.

Evelux Advantage

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and 20 years focues on traffic safety equipment, Evelux has developed an extremely efficient streamlined production process while continually providing highly durable, functional and innovative products. Unlike other providers of traffic safety equipment, Evelux produces the mold used for each product allowing them to control every detail of the process and providing the ability to make customizable solutions for our clients.

Evelux Canada

Evelux Canada is a proud member of the Evelux network and exclusive distributer of Evelux products in Canada. We are able to leverage the global expertise, innovation and efficiency achieved from Evelux’s long history in traffic safety.